Dog Dates

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Make a suite of films for the new Pedigree campaign.

Dog Dates’ is an initiative from Pedigree with the ambition of alleviating the sense of loneliness a lot of elderly people feel by giving them a link to dog-owning households struggling to care and walk their dogs. It also gives the seniors a chance to remain active physically and socially in their later lives.

Directors Wilkins and Maguire, from production company Stink, who specialise in working with authentic and sensitive topics, were selected to create a suite of films to introduce the campaign


Someone’s got a date – brand film

To launch the campaign and develop awareness the creatives at AMVBBDO wrote this script introducing the scheme with a beautifully crafted, tender film.

Jenny’s story – documentary film

Jenny was someone who had been struggling with the loss of her husband and connected to Dog Dates. This film introduces her story and follows her journey.

Dog Dates – campaign film

In order to explain how the campaign worked we created this film for the Dog Dates website that includes the scope and scale of the project.

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