Adopting Biosimilars

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We’re looking for an animation studio to bring to life our ‘roadmap’ explaining how biosimilar medicines can be adopted…

Merck/ Organon were looking to create an animation of an existing ‘roadmap’ asset explaining how biosimilar medicines can be adopted and implemented by healthcare professionals.

The ‘roadmap’ was the foundation for the animation however they wanted to see proposals of creative ideas from the Flare Studio community of animators to see how they would bring it to life. We got pitches of various different styles; animating the icons and text, showing each stage of the process, and introducing each of the three key phases and finally settled on a 3D proposal from Flying Eye creative studio in Brazil.

Gustavo and his team really pushed the envelope in terms of what was achievable from a creative and logistic point of view and created a beautifully crafted while informal concept.


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