Aspirin 'Pain'


Let’s make parents realize that when they’re limited due to pain, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects the people they care about most: their kids.


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  • Brief Type

    Production Only (Post covered by Agency)

  • Deliverables

    Footage for 2 x 10” and 1 x 6” OLV

  • Usage

    One year, worldwide, online only, all media, all lifts and versions (no TVC)

  • Shoot Location

    Worldwide (excluding US)

  • Budget

    $90,000 USD

  • Footage Delivery

    w/c April 4th TBC

What We’re After: 

This is a campaign aimed at parents between the ages of 25-40. Parents that juggle both work and parenthood and need quick pain relief to get them back into their routines.  

We have three short scripts for Aspirin that include different parent and child scenarios within different scenarios and locations (concepts available in download bar).  

We’re looking for an accomplished director and production company who can bring these scripts to life, adding their own warmth and sensitivity through great casting and direction.  

In the first instance, we’d like to see a short 1-2 page pitch with your approach to these scripts, along with some suggestions on locations, casting, and art direction. You should include your showreel and/or any appropriate work. 

Please note, this is a shoot-only brief through dailies. Post-production will be completed by the agency. The production budget is a fixed budget, and you should consider all production expenses including any talent fees and insurance.  

We are accepting pitches globally as there are no speaking parts, but the locations should feel like they could be in North America. 

Creative Direction:

Authentic and beautiful. The situations we are showing are little slices of life, and they should feel authentic, yet slightly elevated. 

We’re thinking the mood should have a hint of seriousness, without being dramatic or moody. 

We are open to suggestions for look and feel, but visually the films need to feel premium and well-crafted.

Casting Guidelines:

We are looking to have a diverse mix of ethnicities and body types. They should look like real people, not models and have a good comic sense of timing and improv. Each spot should feature a different ethnicity so that the entire mix feels diverse.  

Ideally, both the parents would feel believable and authentic, but not to a distracting degree. The parents should be old enough to have adolescent children, but not old enough that they can be dismissed of being of a bygone era—they’re still young-ish, hip-ish. 

NOTE: The kids should be adolescent age (12) to avoid legal issues when talking about Aspirin. 

Post Production: 

Post will be handled by agency. You will need to send all raw rushes including any audio to the agency via FTP. Delivery specs are available in the download bar.  


While there are no speaking parts, there will be some reactions/feelings as part of the action, and atmospheric audio. 


Footage for 2 x :10 and 1 x :06 OLV 

  • Selects, including footage log 
  • Center cut protect action to allow for resizes and cropping. 
  • See delivery specs. 


One year, worldwide, online only, all media, all lifts and versions (no TVC). Option for renewal first year +10%, second year +20% 

Production Considerations: 

  • You will need to have your own public and personal liability insurance. 
  • The production budget is fixed and should include all production indicated in the brief and checklist. Including, but not limited to any talent day sessions and usage. 
  • We will select our favorite submissions and make preliminary calls to assess feasibility before presenting to client. 
  • Within your pitch, please include where you are based and where production would occur. 
  • All insurances and permits will need to be considered in your budget. 
  • There will be no live shoot day supervision by the agency or client. 
  • Any Aspirin assets, logos, fonts and product required will be provided by the client. 
  • You will work within the public health and local government’s laws to ensure scripts are executed in accordance with all COVID-19 by laws and advisories. You assume risk not underwritten should you act outside of the local laws. 
  • An agency producer will be assigned to guide you through the production. 
  • We would like shooting storyboards within the pre-production process. 
  • Agency to approve locations from still photographs. 
  • Agency to approve shot list from hand drawn storyboards and/or still photographs. 
  • Agency to approve talent wardrobe prior to shoot day. 
  • Video casting with headshots and still photos. 

Brand Guidelines:

  • Any product required on camera will be provided by the brand.
  • No logos, branding or IP should be in shot other than Aspirin product logos.
  • This includes recognizable name brand articles of clothing, shoes, hats, etc. 
  • No nudity, alcohol or profanity should be seen or heard.

Brand/Product Insights: 

Timeline & Process:

Once the brief closes, we will review the submissions with the agency producer and creatives to draw up a shortlist. We will then set up calls with each to discuss their proposal/approach before arriving at our selected director/prod co for each location. Please note there is no treatment phase for this project so you should include any relevant information, images, references, creds in your pitch as you feel necessary for our creatives to evaluate for the shortlist. 

The following is an approximate overview of our timeline, though these will be discussed in more detail during the selection phase: 

  Brief Closes: March 13 (23:59 PST) 

  Director Short List Calls: March 16-17 

  Project Awarded: March 24 

  Shoot: w/o April 4* 

*This is the earliest time for the shoot to take place. It may need to shift back slightly. To be discussed in pre-pro.  

Once you submit your pitch and accept the Terms & Conditions this becomes the contract should you be selected. A follow up production addendum will provide details on the deliverables, and roles and responsibilities.   

Your proposal should consider the budget available as a fixed cost as you will be expected to deliver on your pitch. The fixed cost budget will need to cover all production elements including usage, production and post-production.   

Please submit your pitch no later than Sunday, March 13th at 23:59 PST