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Celebrating Small Business Owners

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We’re looking for US-based directors to shoot a docu-style film depicting the story of a small business owner supported by Wells Fargo bank…

Small businesses are the heartbeat of local communities – they help fuel the economy, create local jobs and add character to neighborhoods. The pandemic posed a significant challenge for the small businesses that define our communities, especially the women and diverse-owned businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

Wells Fargo wanted to celebrate these businesses with a series of films and stories of small business owners’ passion, dedication and resiliency that helped them keep their doors open. Flare Studio helped Wells Fargo and Ketchum find four filmmakers from across the country who brought to life the stories of how four small businesses Made a Way to stay open through grit, determination and perseverance. Link to Wells Fargo microsite: https://welcome.wf.com/together/filmseries

Tay Ho – a Vietnamese restaurant in Oakland, CA

Le Printemps – a florist in Washington, D.C.

Dulan’s Soul Food – a restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

Gibson School of Music and Arts – Philadelphia, PA



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