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Claritin wants to see how people celebrate living Claritin Clear, with short, UGC-style video that shows someone living as if they don’t have allergies.


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  • Deadline

    Wednesday 13th March 2024, 23:59 CST

  • Deliverables

    :05 - :10 Second Vertical Social Videos

  • Shoot Location


  • Usage

    Social and Digital OOH only, Worldwide in Perpetuity

  • Fee if Selected (Filmed within the US)

    $1,000 USD (Talent Paid $1,000 separately via SAG Contract. See additional specifics in the downloadable brief.)

  • Fee if Selected (Filmed outside of the US)

    $2,000 USD (includes talent)


Claritin wants to see how people celebrate living Claritin Clear, with short, UGC-style video that shows someone living as if they don’t have allergies.


Make a short, :05-:10 video for Claritin allergy brand that looks & feels like UGC (user-generated-content) that you would see on social platforms like TikTok & Instagram Reels.  The videos should show how people are living Claritin Clear by visually & playfully dramatizing the feeling of living as if you don’t have allergies – that Claritin Clear feeling.  When you feel Claritin Clear, everything is more dramatic, more vibrant, more entertaining & over-the-top.

NOTE:  You do not need suffer from allergies to submit content for this assignment.  We do want you to be able to visually demonstrate a sense of freedom & optimism you might experience when you’re living as if you don’t have allergies.  If you are an allergy sufferer & have treated your allergies at some point with Claritin, please let us know, as this could be beneficial in our selection of video content for use.

Claritin is a global allergy relief brand that millions of people around the world trust to relieve them of their allergy symptoms.  Claritin is powerful allergy relief that works for 24-hours & is non-drowsy.

In 2024, Claritin is launching a new creative campaign that brings the Live Claritin Clear platform to life in a new, more modern & relatable way.  We are bringing new meaning & life to “Claritin Clear” – reminding consumers that only Claritin gives you the clarity to experience life as if you don’t have allergies.

What We’re After:
We already have larger TVC/OLV films that dramatize what it’s like to Live Claritin Clear & live as if you don’t have allergies.  For this content, we want short, social video assets that look & feel very native to social platforms.  With that in mind, a key inspiration for this social content is the “Be Like” meme structure found across many social platforms, where consumers express their feelings, emotions, points-of-view on many topics, using the “_______ Be Like _______” structure.  Download the brief from the sidebar for examples of this structure.

For Claritin, we want to focus on quick “Claritin Clear Be Like _____” social videos.  What are the moments that capture the superior feeling you get when you feel like you can finally live as if you don’t have allergies.  Moments you would miss out on if we were not living Claritin Clear.

We want quick, visual gets, in either outdoor or indoor setting.
And, we are seeking diversity in interests & types of people.

Instead of focusing on the negative symptoms of allergies, Claritin is unabashedly optimistic & uplifting. Honest but not blunt.  Active but not unpredictable.  We want people to be able to enjoy life, and we lead by example. We get a smile out of making people smile and the only thing we take seriously is not taking everything so seriously.

Creative Direction:

We need two types of videos:

  • Videos that feature adults (ages 18-40) that we will use for Claritin.
  • Videos that feature children (ages 2-8) that we will use for Children’s Claritin.

All content should feel native to TikTok, Reels, etc. – filmed on iPhone or other mobile device for visual & social channel authenticity.

For these social videos, they need to look & feel like UGC (user-generated-content), as if we just found them on TikTok or Instagram Reels.  We want to create a series of assets that feel organic to social & visually & playfully dramatize the Claritin Clear feeling.  When you feel Claritin Clear everything is more dramatic, more ‘over-the-top,’ more vibrant & vivid, more entertaining & fun. 

So, go beyond everyday scenarios.  Over-dramatize usual scenarios to make them stand out with a bit of over-the-top humor.  When you Live Claritin Clear, you do more than just walk a dog – you confidently walk 8 long-haired dogs through an outdoor park with trees & grass & pollen & allergens all around you.  It is here that we will help people understand that living Claritin Clear is not just living your life, it’s living your absolute best life. We love hyperbole & exaggeration that is entertaining & leaves people with a smile (without being slapstick funny).

What are moments where you need to not only feel free from allergies, but also not be hindered by drowsiness (Claritin is non-drowsy allergy relief, after all).  Feel free to lean into situations where allergy sufferers need to be fully present, focused & engaged, like dancing with roller blades on during a very pollen, spring day. Avoid situations that are sleepy & low-energy, like reading a book or meditating.

Content we’d love to see:
Outdoor or Indoor:  Lean into situations where outdoor & indoor allergens are present.  Outdoor – summer or spring pollen from trees, flowers, grass, wild greenery/weeds.  Indoor – dust, pets, indoor plants/flowers.

Allergy cues are nice, but it must feel authentic & part of the story.  For example, a person cycling with a very furry dog on their back/in a backpack. The dog (pet fur) in this example is an obvious allergen. Being able to ride a bike without any signs of allergies from the dog is a quick get to what living claritin clear is like. Or it is someone dancing while mowing their very grassy, pollen-filled lawn. 

For anything filmed outdoors, we’d love to see content that features a real life blue sky & green grass.  Claritin is known for their “blue sky + green grass vista” on their packaging box, so content that is filmed with a visible blue sky, a few fluffy clouds, and green grass will likely get chosen.  We want to see this come to life with people in situations that include showing some real life blue sky & green grass.  So, for example:(Download brief from the sidebar for example)

For anything filmed indoors, include some natural light within the indoor environment so it doesn’t feel too dark or enclosed.  So, for example:(Download brief from the sidebar for example)


Non-Drowsy:  Activities & moments that require a bit of clarity & alertness are great.  It’s here that we can drive home the fact that taking Claritin means you don’t have to worry about being groggy or sleepy, because you’re clear of allergies & clear of mind, allowing you to do incredible things.

Personal & Connected:  A mix of moments that celebrate what Claritin Clear feels like at a personal level & when you’re at your best with/around others.


  • General adults (ages 18-40): open to a wide variety of races, sizes, & body types.
  • Children (ages 2-8): open to wide variety of races, sizes & body types.

These are visual stories, so no audio is preferred.

Graphic Direction:
Clean videos.  No graphics, supers or overlays should be present.

DO NOT include product in the video.

For videos with adult casting, focus on 18-40 year-olds.
For videos that include children, children must be between 2-8 years-old & there must be a parent/guardian somewhere in the context of the video.

General Guidelines:

DO capture with iPhone / mobile device; it must look & feel like typical UGC.

DO keep the video short – about 5 – 15 seconds.
DO capture content with social safety zones in mind.
DO provide the creator’s social handle, if we decide to use it.
DO only use approved music in the video (we don’t want music for these videos anyway).

DO NOT show any competitive allergy brands.

DO NOT show food
DO NOT show anyone in the video who has not signed a release.
DO NOT show any people in your content who have not granted permission to be included (i.e. pedestrians in the background).
DO NOT include any branded or copyrighted images/images that are not your own (i.e. GIFs, stock images, or brand images).
DO NOT depict or mention any other brands or logos in your video content. This includes clothing/fashion logos, copyrighted characters, foods, beverages, tech logos, medicines, or tattoos.
DO NOT show any items that would be considered someone else’s intellectual property (e.g. book covers, artwork, statement jewelry, tattoos, recognizable cartoon characters, etc.)
DO NOT post the video to your social channels, even if we select to use or video or not (if you do, we must remove your video submission).
DO NOT put yourself or others at risk!
DO NOT film on private property (avoid filming in locations that are recognizable (e.g. Disney World, your neighborhood bar, etc.))
DO NOT show or reference violence, politics, explicit content, nudity or profanity.
DO NOT show yourself or others drinking alcohol.
DO NOT leverage any outside music.
DO NOT comment or respond to any reporter or press requests associated with this program. Should anyone reach out, please alert your contact through Flare Marketplace.

For reference, here are some existing UGC videos we found that we think show the type of content we’re looking for.  So, content that looks & feels like this is likely to get chosen:

Brand/Product Insights:

Claritin provides powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy allergy relief of sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes & itchy nose or throat.

What Do I Do Once I’ve Filmed My Video Clip?
Click the ‘Submit’ tab on the brief page and just drag and drop the file of your clip onto the page. Fill out the information form and hit ‘submit’. Easy!

You can submit as many video clips as you like.  There are two scenarios for selected videos:

If video content is filmed outside of the US: $2,000 per video, if chosen

If video content is filmed within the US: $2,000 per video, if chosen, based on the following allocations: 
  • $1,000 for production
  • $1,000 for talent fees to be paid upon receipt of SAG contract & tax paperwork which will be providedIf more than one person appears in the video, $1,000 to be split among all participants.
    • Upon selection, SAG Low Budget Digital Waiver Contract & Tax paperwork will be provided for all participants
    • SAG membership is not required (Taft Hartley will be submitted)

Process and Timeline:

  • Tuesday, Feb 27 through Friday, March 8: Receive videos from the platform.
  • Friday, March 8: Initial internal creative review of videos submitted to date.
  • Wednesday, March 13: Further creative review of all videos submitted to date.
  • Friday, March 15: Final creative evaluation & select videos to use.

Tech specs:

  • Please shoot vertically with your mobile phone
  • Please shoot in the highest resolution your mobile phone will allow.
  • Note general social network safe zones for vertical video (TikTok, Instagram & Facebook):  Download safe zones from sidebar

The Legal Bit
For content filmed outside the US, you will need to submit a signed 'content release form’ and a signed 'performer release' for anyone appearing in your video (you can download both these forms from the sidebar) and upload it alongside your video(s) – this basically gives us permission to use your video.

For content filmed inside the US, you need to submit a signed 'content release form’ (you can download the form from the sidebar) and upon awarding your video, we will provide the SAG contracts for anyone appearing in your video to fill out.

Your proposal should consider the budget available as a fixed cost. The fixed cost budget will need to cover all production elements as outlined in the checklist on the side bar.

The deadline for submitting your pitch is 23:59 PST on 13 March 2024.