'Do Something Amazing' Campaign

31 Nicorette Header

Create a suite of inspirational films that bring to life Nicorette’s role in the journey of quitting smoking

As part of their new campaign, Nicorette wanted to show the stories of smokers and vapers and celebrate those people that embark on quitting and show that they’re not alone on their quit journey. They were looking for a director who could combine realism with a commercial focus and weave in the Nicorette products to authentic feeling scenarios.

We put a brief out on the platform looking for a director and production company who could bring the scripts to life balancing the authentic, documentary feel whilst still maintaining a commercial sensibility. Matt Houghton from Pulse films put forward a great creative and logistical approach to the brief and created a suite of films that both look great and deliver on the creative and strategic brief. He then developed a fantastic treatment before undertaking production on a suite of 30s and 20 second content films. 

Nicorette. Do Something Amazing 30" (multi product edit) 

Nicorette. Do Something Amazing 20" 


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