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Extra Calls of Dedication

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Send in a dedication to someone you know on the front line helping you get through Covid-19…

If there are positives to come out of this difficult time its the story of how people have come together to support, protect and look after each other. There are lots of stories of people out there giving extra to their families and their communities and Wrigley Extra wanted to create a platform to celebrate and thank these people.

The 'calls of dedication' were designed for people to give a shout out to their loved ones expressing their gratitude for their effort, service and selflessness through quarantine. We received a range of beautiful stories and would have loved to showcase all of them. The below films are three of those stories that we were able to celebrate directly as part of a huge international effort and as part of many stories of selflessness that are happening around the world.

Flo (TVC)



Flo (content film)


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