Flintstones Kids - Equity

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Make a film for Flintstones that authentically captures your child’s journey of learning a new skill for the very first time...

As part of Flintstones Vitamins new campaign we were looking for stories of real children learning, growing and developing in real time. To highlight childrens amazing capacity for strength and resilience as they try and try and try again until they finally succeed. 

We reached out to the Flare Studio community to propose the stories of these kids who were learning something new and taking on a specific challenge for the first time in their lives. To show us the authentic learning process and everything that goes into it, including the failures leading up to ultimate success.

Amiga Pictures filmed Arrow and Illyas as they took on reading and writing tasks.

Black Noize in South Africa told the story of Ayda who was learning to do a handstand. 

Andy Ferreira then followed the journey of Sienna as she challenged herself to beat the skate ramp at her local park.


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