Introducing Ketchup+

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Create a piece of content for a new streaming service brought to you by Doritos Ketchup chips…

To celebrate the launch of their limited-time-only Ketchup flavour, Doritos decided to create a streaming platform of content. The ambition was high and the brand and agency were keen to create a range of content from mockumentary, cookery shows, animation, influencer content and in general keep the brief open and allow film-makers to think out of the box.

What better way to do that than open up the brief to the Flare Studio global community and ask for their take on the brief. Then Covid-19 hit so we had to find ways around the restrictions that were placed on pretty much everyone globally.

We worked with 4 teams across the world to create animations, mock film trailers, mockumentaries and YouTube style content for the Ketchup+ streaming channel.

Here are some of the films:

The Triangle created by Campfire

Ketchup Kiss created by Mr Anderson

Mysteries Uncovered created by Long Division

Backyard Scientist created by Nick Jones

Phoenix created by Long Division


The Art of Flavour created by Nick Jones


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