Nissan Vans 'Works for you'

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Pitch your story of a van-owner in the UK who relies on their vehicle for their small business…

TBWA London and Nissan wanted to find small business owners from around the UK who relied on their vans as an integral part of their workforce. We asked people to send in stories of businesses and received a range of inspiring and interesting ideas for the documentary style film.

Jess Scott-Hunter pitched his story of a 'Rag and Bone' artist who used his van to source materials and move them from across the UK to his workshop where he creates all manner of weird and wonderful creations. Jess found and shot the story with a small crew to give the film the intimacy needed to get closer to the small business, its owner and his daily life with his van. The interview/voice-over creates an insightful narrative to how he works and how the van works for him.

Nissan Vans 'Works For You'
Director: Jess Scott Hunter
Rag and Bone Man

Nissan Vans: Rag and Bone Man from Flare/ Flare Studio on Vimeo.


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