Power Your Passion

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Make a film for Nissan that introduces the Nissan Electric Vehicle ecosystem and how it can be used to power people’s working and family lives…

To further Nissans mission to ‘Electrify the World’ they’ve taken it to the next level – they’ve created their own energy ecosystem where Nissan solar panels and batteries can power your car and your home. 

To bring this to life we asked posted a brief into Studio Plus asking for examples of small businesses with unique and interesting stories of how they use energy. TBWA creatives chose Rupert Murray at RHM films and their unique stories to celebrate the lives and passions of people embracing Nissan’s energy solution and turned them into these stunning films.

Rupert shot two very different stories, with two very different characters and locations with subtlety and skill. The first story of the Lexi, a community cinema that gives its profits to charity and Black Bay recording studio, possibly the most remote recording studio in the UK both of whom implemented the Leaf system to harness the power of the sun, saving costs on bills and being more eco-friendly.

Film 1: Nissan Leaf: Electrify the world. Solar Powered Cinema

Film 2: Nissan Leaf: Electrify the world. Solar powered records




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