Raid Protection for All: Portrait shoots

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We’re looking for filmmakers around the world to shoot social/digital assets for Raid’s new global campaign.

Raid’s mission is for a future where everyone, in every community, in every corner, in every country is safe from pests, no matter their story. We believe that protection against pests is a need for all, not a want.

To launch this new brand platform SCJ is commissioning a series of digital assets, from social posts to banners, to run alongside their hero TVC, showing the positive impact of communities and individuals around the globe. We wanted to create a global campaign that would have cultural relevancy in each market rather than re-editing and adapting assets. To do this we reached out to the Flare Studio community to ask them how they would create these assets for an Asian, African and US market.

Peter Walker based in South Africa was able to create these spots with authentic cast and locations and deliver on the global feel for the campaign. Below are some examples of the social films we created with him.

Raid Masterbrand Africa Social

Raid Masterbrand China Social


Raid Masterbrand USA Social


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