Jack Daniels

With Love, Jack

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Send in your clips to show us how you’re handling life in home quarantine.

This project was one of the most heartening projects we've worked on, and being able to see people from around the world staying in touch with loved ones, keeping active and in some cases just having fun, in what is a testing time for many, was really encouraging and inspiring.

We had a great response from across the globe, showing that even in the toughest times we need to stick together.

This was also one of the quickest projects we've worked on, from initial contact to live in just 6 days, all thanks to the amazing global Flare Studio community who make up part of the great people around the world getting through this difficult period.

So, a big thank you to everyone who contributed, and sorry we couldn't include all of you in the film but you are part of the solution to get through this. 


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