Aspirin: Modern Pains


Shoot a series of short spots for Bayer Aspirin that humorously portray the physical pains caused by modern life.

Calling directors to shoot four Comedy Spots

Production Budget $60,000 USD

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Technology has allowed us to live and work differently and with it comes a new range of aches and pains. Whether it be a stiff back from working from home on the sofa or strains from juggling home, work and family life all at once. 

Bayer Aspirin wanted to create a suite of content films for this slightly younger audience that showed they don't have to suffer these 'Modern pains' alone. 

The creatives at Chicago BBDO had created a series of funny scripts for the new campaign and although they were for a US market principally as they were silent skits they could be shot anywhere with diverse cast and locations.

Nice Shirt Films pitched Harvey Eaton, a comedy director who had a great reel of work and the perfect tone of voice and level of craft for the campaign.