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£400 GOES TO:

Marwa Nasser, Dale Porter, Kim Sharples, Paul Mortimer, Legio Vii, Alexander Bierzanek, Eugene Smith, Andrew Lopez, Sam Davies, Roisin McCullagh, Sam Whitaker, Marek Pankowski


  • Deliverable

    UGC content

  • Duration

    60 seconds

  • Format

    MP4, MOV

  • Shoot Location


  • Market


  • Intended Use

    Online Only


We want to inspire people to share Sundays with their dogs.

Cesar is a leading dog food that is often only fed occasionally as treat or an enjoyable addition to everyday, boring, dry dog food.

We want to attach it to the special moments and meals that we have to make sure dog owners don’t forget to include their dogs.

Sunday is one of these special moments. We are making a film to celebrate Sundays spent with our dogs using real-life experiences, and we’d like your help.

What we’re after:

We want to capture clips that celebrate Sunday being spent with our best friends, our dogs. We want to capture all the different joyful things people do with their dogs on Sundays around the world, from the relaxing and regular to the weird and wonderful. We want the work to be and feel real.

These clips will be edited into a single film that will be an ode to the real life joy of sharing Sundays with our dogs.

Creative Direction: 

After the working week, Sunday is the day where we get to do what we want and spend time with those we are closest to, including our dogs.

It’s a day to relax; to get up late, spend time over a delicious meal (either at home or eat out), go for walks, visit markets, read a good book, watch TV, or spend time online.

Some of us might get active; playing sports or going to the gym, and some might have more adventurous pursuits, like canoeing, surfing, or flying…and these things are all made better by sharing them with our closest friends, our dogs.

Just like us, every dog has their own personality and we want to capture these personalities on film in the activities they do with their owners on a Sunday; whether jogging with their owner, riding on their bike, watching TV together, surfing, skating, snoozing in bed and, of course, enjoying a good meal.

It’s not just about what you do, but where you do it. This will be a global film, so we want to see dogs and their owners from around the world, from a lakeshore in Taiwan to a mountainside in Chile, whether you and your dog are jogging through Central Park or posing in front of Buckingham Palace, the more diverse the better.

And, of course, we want to see all sorts of dogs. While Cesar is most associated with the White West Highland Terrier, it can be enjoyed by all dogs, so we want to see each and all celebrated in the film.

Need some ideas? Take a look at some of these quirky pooches.


Heart-warming, joyful, authentic.

The Audience:

All dog owners who think of their dog as their friend.

Brand Insights:

Dogs are our true friends. When you love someone like a true friend, you want to share everything with them.

At Cesar we believe that life is best when it’s shared with those we love… especially man’s best friend. This is why we inspire people to share more joy with their dogs.

For more insight into Cesar, visit:

Official Cesar Page

Official Cesar Facebook Page

Intended use:

The finished film will be shown online around the world. Clips and cut-downs will be shared on social media.

Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • Do shoot landscape
  • Do shoot with the best camera/phone you have with a good resolution
  • Do shoot with enough light so it’s clear what you/your dog are doing
  • Do hand-hold the camera/phone if you want but try to keep it steady
  • Do get permission of the dog-owner (and anyone else in shot) before you film them
  • Do read the brief in detail, including the Ts&Cs associated with submitting your content
  • Don’t put yourself or your dog at risk
  • Don’t show any brands or logos (even in the background)
  • Don’t have any music playing in the background

Please ensure all films/clips submitted are accompanied with the appropriate release forms. 

Process and timeframe:

The brief is open for 8 weeks. When all clips are received, our editors will start putting the film together. Once our client has signed off the film, those filmmakers whose clips are featured will be notified by email and paid by bank transfer. We would expect to notify you within six weeks of the closing date of the brief.

Tech specs:

Shoot on any device you like, from a phone to a professional film camera, but make it as high res as you can.

You can upload your clip in any format (mp4, mov) but we do want the original video file so don’t simply upload to a video sharing site and send a link.

Clips should be no longer than one minute long.