Mr Muscle

Clean Less, Dream More


Find and tell the story of a mother/daughter or son relationship in South Africa that highlights the sacrifices mothers make for their children...


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Energy BBDO/Tracy Locke in Chicago for Mr Muscle had developed a creative campaign titled ‘Clean less, Dream more’ for their Mr Muscle brand focussing on working mothers who had a hidden talent.

They had already created a film for a chinese audience and wanted to create a film for the campaign in South Africa and Malaysia. Culturally the countries are quite different with regards to family stucture, perceptions on womenhood, the role and structure of the family and a modern mother.

We asked the platform to give us their cultural insights on how we could tailor the film to keep it authentic, relevant and impactful.

We awarded the South Africa project to and their director Greg Lomas who was able to create a film that dealt with all the aspects of cultural and brand nuances that powerfully brings home the influence, power and pride of a modern mother on her young daughter. For the Malaysian film we worked with Lucas Veuve to create the film with the respective cultural understanding and audience in mind for that region. Bothe films started as content films and were then uplifted to national TV due to the success of the campaigns.

Mr Muscle South Africa Film

Mr Muscle Malaysia Film