Firefighters USA brief


We’re looking for a US-based director to shoot a film with firefighters based near Boston for a leading male grooming brand.


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Gillette were looking for real stories of lifesavers who need to shave as part of their job. We opened up the brief to our Flare Studio community to find these stories across the US and UK.

Kyle Soehngen, a US based director, pitched to shoot at an East Coast fire department and the insight and considered approach he detailed in his pitch excited both ourselves and the brand. Having shot a number of documentary style projects with a keen focus on strong aesthetic, and also having family who had worked in firefighting, he was a great choice for the project.

Along with his production team Kyle was able to combine great interviews with some stunning footage from the shoot and off the back of the quality of the original content film, we quickly looked at the option of creating a TVC from the assets. Below is the TVC which aired in North America and the longer content film.

Gillette Firefighter content film


Gillette Firefighter 30" TVC