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'Hi Mate'


Film yourself or a friend saying 'Hi mate' in a unique Australian location


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To accompany Tourism Australia’s ‘mates’ films commissioned in Studio Pro, we wanted to create a promo of Australians in some wonderful and unique locations saying ‘Hi mate!’ on their phones to show Brits some of the 24 million mates down under they are yet to meet.

Tourism Australia Launch Film

  • 'Hi Mate' selfie

    $250 AUD per clip

  • Project deadline

    30th January 2018

There is Nothing like Australia - Australia is the friendliest place on the planet and we are setting out to prove it by introducing Brits to some new mates.

Tourism Australia is looking to engage and inspire UK tourists to visit Australia.

Brits are considered very reserved compared to Australians, so we want to introduce them to some of their 24 million mates down under they are yet to meet. Australia is the friendliest place on the planet and we are setting out to prove it.

What we’re after:

We want real people in real locations, who personify the Australian way of life. 

We are after short clips, shot on your phone selfie-style, in different scenarios and locations filmed on your phone or camera. 

They should be shot in the classic 'selfie' style, ie with one face centre frame.

We will only hear them say “Hi Mate” AND a separate one of the same person at the same spot saying “G’day Mate” straight to camera.

Even though it’s a selfie-style framed video we’d like to see Australians in exciting/surprising settings doing interesting activities.

We want people and places that will cut through the clutter and get noticed because they feel real, off the beaten track, local, relatable and fun. We are open to a variety of scenarios and activities, from sports to cultural to wildlife.

It’s really important to be diverse with Aussie “Mates” of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life who will appear at our perfect destination in Australia that is not in the guide books.

We would like to steer away from focusing on people at famous Australian landmarks the world is familiar with, unless these are presented in a new way. We want these people to feel relevant to active, discerning travellers who are after an original adventure or a journey of discovery first and foremost.

A few pointers to shoot it:

  • Audio: we want the person’s voice to be the focus for audio.
  • Make sure there is no music in your clips, even background music is not allowed.
  • Please shoot landscape (ie your phone should be horizontal)
  • Make sure your/your subject's face is centre frame - and we can distinguish the interesting location in the background!
  • We do not want this to feel acted, staged or overly polished. Think natural lighting, UGC, selfie-style.

General guidelines:

  • No logos or branding other than Tourism Australia can be seen in the footage
  • No nudity or profanity in the footage
  • No distinguishable children under the age of 18 included in the footage
  • No portrayal of food/ beverage overconsumption
  • Documentary-style, natural lighting
  • Leverage environments that bring the personality of the subject to life, they should feel comfortable and natural in their environment
  • You will be responsible for any insurance coverage and permits for filming.
  • Release forms: To give us permission to use your clip, you will be expected to provide release forms for anyone featured in the content. These are downloadable from the assets in the sidebar.



We are looking for clips of your chosen “Mates” in their locations, saying “Hi Mate” or “ G’day Mate” from which we will select and pay for up to twenty.

These short films will make up a longer launch film that will be match cut together, which will kick off the 24 Million Mates campaign for Tourism Australia, inspiring young adults from around the world to visit Australia.

You can film more than one person per location, but please keep them separate. Please allow enough ”handles” (i.e. a bit of time when you are recording before and after the “Hi/G’day Mate”.)

The deadline for submitting your clips is 30th January 2018.