Introducing Biosimilars


We need to create an animated series that will instil confidence in audiences about the benefits of biosimilar medicines...


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Global pharma company, Merck, were looking to educate healthcare professionals on the benefits of biosimilars; medicines that are copies of established biologic medicines and provide the same treatment but at a more affordable price point for patients.

As well as the subject matter itself, the brand were looking for a creative approach to produce the most engaging content possible. They felt animation would be the best route so we ran an ideation brief receiving a range of different approaches, styles and themes from animators and animations studios.

After a very tough decision, the client selected UK studio, Nucco Brain, for hitting all the right points on look and feel, style guide and tone.

Given the complexities of what needed to be covered, from why biosimilars matter, to how they are manufactured and the rigorous testing procedures involved, the brand felt that one film wasn’t enough to convey all of the information required, so having initially commissioned two films, the project grew into a series of six episodes.

Episode 1: Why Biosimilars matter