Pearle Vision

Missed Step & Lifestyle fit (Canada shoot)


For Pearle Vision’s latest campaign(s), we are looking for a production company and director who are in, or can travel to, Vancouver to shoot our two films.


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Pearle Vision is one of America’s largest optical retailers but prides itself on being the local, neighborhood specialist helping care for your eyes since 1961.

We had two scripts for the latest campaign, Missed Steps’, showing a baby’s first steps from the POV of a grandmother whose vision begins to fade during this memorable life moment. In our second script, ‘Lifestyle Fit’ the brand were looking to showcase how essential Pearle Visions’ 'new' digital measurement technology is in helping to ensure the most accurate measurements and personalized lenses. T

Both scripts needed a director who could get great performances from an emotional point of view for the first script and a technical POV for the second. We also needed them to be in or travel to out Pearle Vision store located in Toronto.

We found Nate Townsend from Paxeros who created a great pitch and had the perfect reel for this type of project. Take a look at the films below: