Find and film an interviewee for Wrigley's ‘No Regrets’ campaign…


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Wrigley's 5 Gum wanted to connect with young people so, naturally, they turned to influencers...but not the ones you're thinking of.

We posted a brief on the platform to find stories of senior citizens who had regretted not doing something in their youth that could have been life-changing. Their stories would become part of a series of films that would then inspire the younger generation to live life without regrets.

To show this, we then posted further briefs in Studio Plus and Open Studio calling for young people inspired by these stories to demonstrate how far the seniors' inspiration had carried.

In a final demonstration to show the power of the seniors' influence, our directors revisted them and showed them the young people's response films. 

All of this content was then captured and each story edited together to show the full cycle - and scale! - of the campaign.

No Regrets Campaign Film

Martin's Story
Director: Ross Bolidai
Ross found a truly moving story of Martin, an 86-year old former photographer, who's lifelong regret was not coming out in his youth...

Stanford's Story
Director: Daniel Ryan
Stanford's story is truly inspiring. He could have been an Olympic swimmer but pressure to conform led him down a different path. Director Daniel Ryan crafts an engaging film of talent not realised...

Lin's Story
Marcos Mijan
China-based director Marcos created this fascinating film about Lin, a singer with the Beijing Opera, who never travelled beyond her borders yet always wished to see the world...

Guillermo's Story
Director: German Mairen
Guillermo's film shot by Spanish Director German Mairen is a story of 'the one that got away' that went on to inspire a group of young people to hold on to love.

Emily's Story
Director: Daniel Ryan
Emily had the chance to do a skydive when she was younger and backed out. This is a story about not regretting missed opportunities.