Jack Daniels

Ready To Drink Photography and Video Asset Bank


Create a beautiful bank of photography and short videos featuring Jack Daniel's Ready-To-Drink canned beverages.


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In 2020 Jack Daniel’s launched a new brand platform called “Make It Count” all about living life to the fullest. The intent for this project was to create a bank of still assets to  show the range of products in use in two distinct environments - a sunny day outdoors at the beach and inside a modern, cool, urban apartment.

We reached out to our global community to send in photographers reels and their production approach bearing in mind we had some summer beach scenes (and it was winter in the US at the time).

Edu Wallace from Antiestatico really understood the brief and tone of voice we were looking for and shot some stunning stills and short clips in Montevideo in Uruguay.

Below are some of the videos they shot.