Vets: The Next Generation


We’re looking for a director to bring to life our heartwarming script about an aspiring vet for Mars Vetinary Group…


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Being a vet is a vocation, one that requires a huge number of skills, dedication and an unwavering love for animals - and one that often starts at childhood.

Mars Veterinary Group works closely in the profession educating and informing how veterinary care is evolving, from diagnosis to treatment to the use of technology, and they wanted to showcase this work for the next generation.

Arizona-based filmmaker, Chris Neal @ Great Guns, pitched his approach to the brief not only with his cinematic eye but extensive experience on casting and working with children and animals. Chris was also able to introduce some great additions to the script with humour and graphics elements, adding both a human touch as well as conveying the brand's key message for pioneering developments in the profession.