Catsing Call


Send in your videos of your cat being curious...


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We asked the Flare Studio community to send in clips of their cats being curious as part of Whiskas 'Feed their curiosity' campaign. Here are some of the videos we made together.

Whiskas: Catsing Call



  • Duration

    30 seconds (approx)

  • Filming Location


Cats are naturally curious – And we’re curious about that curiousity, so we’re holding a catsing call to set out to find the internet’s most curious cat. 

What we’re after:

Capture your cat’s free-spirited nature, their interest in the world or even their refreshing disregard for rules.

We’re looking for one (but not limited to) bite-sized video clip of your cat probing, exploring, observing or interrogating the world around them.

We are open to a variety of scenarios and a diverse range of cat breeds.

You can film your cat on your phone – we don’t want the footage to look set up or staged.

The video should be no more than 30" long, in any location.

We want the footage to feel authentic and entertaining. It can be humourous or even mysterious, as long as it’s done in a playful way.

Don't forget to sign a release form - downloadable in sidebar.

Suggestions from us: 

Maybe your cat’s trying something for the first time, going somewhere new or just hesitantly peeking into that same closet he’s already seen 100 times, we want to see your cats doing exactly as they please. Anything from go-pro footage to cat fails are welcomed!

Is your cat drawn towards things that move or shine?

Did she just discover the screen door?

Is he fascinated with bananas?

The one thing that we ask is that you don’t get up to anything cruel (e.g. don’t give your cat something you know he hates, or try to scare him with a cucumber).

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Film on any device you choose – it can be on your phone or on a professional camera, if you have one
  • Try to keep it short – it should be no longer than 15 seconds
  • Please avoid identifiable landmarks (it should look like it could be anywhere)
  • Please don’t include music (either on your clip or in the background)
  • Try not to show any logos or branding
  • Please, no nudity or profanity in the footage
  • Please don’t include children under the age of 18 included in the footage
  • Do not put yourself or your cat at risk
  • Ensure that your cat is comfortable and natural in their environment and that there is enough lighting to clearly see what he/she is doing.

What do I do once I’ve filmed my cat?

Click the ‘Submit’ tab on the brief page and just drag and drop the file of your video onto the page. Fill in the information on the form and hit ‘submit’. Easy!

You can submit as many clips as you like.

The deadline for submitting your clips is 8th December 2017.

The legal bit

  • Please sign a ‘release form’ (which you can download from the sidebar) and upload alongside your video(s) – this basically gives us your permission to use your clip.
  • Note that we will likely edit your video with other clips that we receive.