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Send in a dedication to someone you know on the front line helping you get through Covid-19…


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If there are positives to come out of this difficult time its the story of how people have come together to support, protect and look after each other. There are lots of stories of people out there giving extra to their families and their communities and Wrigley Extra wanted to create a platform to celebrate and thank these people.

The 'calls of dedication' were designed for people to give a shout out to their loved ones expressing their gratitude for their effort, service and selflessness through quarantine. We received a range of beautiful stories and would have loved to showcase all of them. The below films are three of those stories that we were able to celebrate directly as part of a huge international effort and as part of many stories of selflessness that are happening around the world.

Flo (TVC)



Flo (content film)

  • Deliverables

    Voice message + short clips

  • Duration

    Under 45 seconds

  • Submission Deadline

    Thursday 15th April (23:59 PST)

  • Production Budget

    $3,000 USD per selected clip sequence

  • Shoot Location


  • Market

    North America

  • Usage

    1 year, Worldwide, Online/digital


Send in a dedication to someone you know on the front line helping you get through Covid-19…


The Concept:

We believe those who give extra, deserve extra – which is why we’re creating a call line to gather “calls for dedications” from friends and family to people who are helping us on the front lines.

With these we’re going to create short films that show a single call left for a loved one, expressing our gratitude for their service in these times.

What we’re after:

To introduce this call line and playlist station, we’re asking you, the Flare Studio Community, to create a dedication to your nominated person. We’d like you to do this as follows:

  • Record a voicemail message (as an audio or video file) leaving a dedication to a frontline* worker, friend, family member or maybe just someone you know who is helping people get through the CV19 lockdown.


  • To go with this audio file, we’ll need footage of the person you’re dedicating this message to. So, keeping safety in mind, please capture them getting ready at home, returning home, or in a place where you’re allowed to be like a grocery store or picking them up from work at the hospital. If you’re unable to get footage, please feel free to just submit pictures of the individual you’re dedicating the message to. 

We will then match your audio over the footage (or photos) to create your dedication.

Dedications selected for final edit will be paid $3000 USD (we encourage a portion of that to be paid to the nominee once awarded). 

*How we’re defining people on the “front lines” is very wide — from doctors, nurses, teachers, kids making signs for neighbors, delivery drivers, factory workers, Uber drivers, restaurant owners, etc.

Please be aware as this is for the North American market, there is a preference for a North American look/feel where possible.

Some Guidance on Recording Your Audio/Video:

Recording the ‘voicemail’ -

  • You can record your message on your phone recorder or as a video selfie.
  • You should record your message as you would a voicemail — for example, ‘Hi, this is [state your first name], I’d like to dedicate a song to…’ and the name of the person you’re dedicating to. You can mention what they do, what you do, your relationship, why you love and appreciate them, or why you’re dedicating this to them. The calls should feel authentic and genuine, so if it’s funny, heartfelt, endearing, make it true to whatever feels like your relationship.
  • Don’t mention a specific song you’re dedicating. But you can mention just the act of it, like, “I’d like to dedicate a song”.
  • Your messages shouldn’t feel too depressing, anxious, or sad. Extra is a positive brand who sees the world “as it should be”. We want you to express your gratitude in a time when the most you can do is stay at home. We want the people on the front lines to hear these messages and feel supported, loved and recognized.
  • Please note: the voicemail message doesn’t need to necessarily be from you. If you have friends, family, roommates of any age, gender and ethnicity they can nominate and submit through you. However, the budget remains the same so if selected and paid you should be expected to remunerate that person for their time.

Recording the footage of your nominee -

  • For the footage of your nominated person, please comply with any lockdown regulations that may be in place where you live, so we suggest you film them in scenarios at home: getting ready, saying goodbye before they go to work, at the end of the day etc.
  • You can film on your phone or DSLR.
  • If you can’t capture footage, just submit photos of the recipient or the recipient and you.

Your Nominee

You will need permission from your nominee to be used in the film so you will need to tell them of your intention to include them in the project and if chose we would need a release form from them to be included in the film. They would also need to be genuine frontline workers. Proof may be required of their job/position.

Note: You do not need to include Extra packs of gum directly in the scene but if they happen to be organically on a desk or table, that is fine.

Clips selected for final film will be paid $3,000 USD per clip - we encourage a portion be shared with the nominee.


Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Film on any device you choose – it can be your smartphone or a professional camera (if you have one)
  • Keep it quite short, don’t record or film more than 45 seconds
  • Please avoid showing any logos or brand names (e.g. T-shirts people are wearing) or other intellectual property
  • Don’t include any music (so turn off the stereo/radio, please).
  • Please, no nudity or profanity, drugs, violence or weapons – we simply won’t be able to use your clip
  • You do not need to edit your clip, nor add music, but please ensure the audio is clean and anything people are saying can be easily heard;
  • Do not post the video to your social channels whether selected or not until told otherwise, if you do we will have to exempt your submission
  • Everyone in the video must be 13+ years old. Anyone under the age of 18 will require parental signature on releases.
  • Finally, please obey all government and local laws and advise and do not put yourself or others at risk! 

What Do I Do Once I’ve Shot My Clip?

Click the ‘Submit’ tab on the brief page and just drag and drop the file of your clip onto the page. Fill out the information form and hit ‘submit’. Easy!

You can submit as many clips as you like. Only clips used in final edit will be paid $3,000 USD per clip.

BUT HURRY!! The DEADLINE for submitting your clips is Wednesday 15th April (23:59 PST).

The Legal Bit

You will need to submit a signed ‘release form’ (you can download this from the sidebar) for anyone who appears in your clip, and upload it alongside your video(s) – this basically gives us permission to use your clip. We will also require anyone who ends up in final edit to sign SAG Low Budget Waiver contract, and will require very quick signature turnaround. Last reminder, anyone under the age of 18 appearing in video or shooting content will need to also have a parent signed release/contract.