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Mega More


Bring to life our quirky scripts for Wrigley Extra’s ‘Mega More’ campaign, for people who want more from things in life…


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Wrigleys and the team at AMVBBDO London were looking for a comedy director for their new scripts for their Wrigleys extra campaign called "Mega More' because Mega Cubes are bigger than your regular gum, and have more flavour and put an end to cravings for More!

For this campaign they were looking to create some fun and funny skits for social and a young target audience that would stand-out and cut through.

Fatal Films from Agile in London pitched and were selected based on their experience with this type of content and their ability of creating engaging and fun content. Below are the two films:

Mega More Cubes: Spoiler

Mega More Cubes: Grills