Baygon Pakistan


Shoot a series of scripted films for Baygon in Pakistan for TV, print and onlineā€¦


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For their new Pakistan campaign, SCJ wanted to recreate a popular script and TVC that was previously aired in Latin America for their Raid/ Baygon product (previous ad:

Instead of dubbing the ad it made sense to reshoot but amending cast, locations, art direction and performance in a more culturally relevant and authentic manner for a Pakistani market. We reached out to the Flare Studio community to find a production team in Pakistan who could shoot the script, retaining the feel of the previous shoot but adding those cultural elements.

Seeme Productions proposed director Ahsan Rahim for the shoot based on his wealth of experience and skill working with performance and high end TVCs.

SCJ Baygon Flip Flops Pakistan 30" TVC

SCJ Baygon Flip Flops Pakistan 15" TVC