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Pitch which scenarios you could shoot from the downloadable scripts and how you’d approach them for Off’s new social campaign...


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Off!, a deet free insect repellent from SC Johnson, was looking to create a suite of social assets from short form social videos to stills to cinemagraphs. We had a range of shortform scripts of families using the spray in a range of situations.

We posted a brief on the platform for a production company to help us create these assets in a quick and more hands-off production process. Hacienda, who are based in South Africa, proposed Shamiel Soni as their director and proposed a range of potential locations and diverse cast options available in the area which, along with a great reel and approach, were a great fit for the project.

FamilyCare w-Picaridin Spritz & Aerosol Snapchat

FamilyCare w- Picaridin Spritz & Aerosol Pinterest Cinemagraph

FamilyCare w- Picaridin Spritz & Aerosol FB-IG Story

Botanicals Spritz Snapchat


Botanicals Spritz & Lotion FB-IG Story

Botanical Spritz FB-IG

  • Video clips

    $1500 per scenario

  • Cinemagraph

    $1500 per scenario

  • Photos

    $750 per scenario

  • Usage

    Online and social, worldwide, 2 years

  • Shoot Location


  • Pitch Deadline

    Tuesday 20th April 2021 23:59

The Concept:

We are here to show mothers that using OFF! DEETFree items can free her from worries of chemicals and mosquitoes because they provide safe, gentle and effective formulas giving her the peace of mind that her family is protected so she can experience time outdoors with them to the fullest.

Mosquitoes can get in the way of your freedom to fully appreciate the outdoors.With Off! Botanicals and Off! Family Care with picaridin, enjoy life outdoors mosquito, DEET, and worry free.

We have created a range of scenarios we’d like to shoot to create short social clips and stills for SCJ’s Off! Campaign.

What we’re after:

We’d like you to take a look at the scenarios (downloadable scripts in the sidebar) and propose which one(s) you’d like to shoot and a description of how and where you will shoot them, and with who.

The scenarios you can choose from are:

Video ($1500 each)

  • Mother and two kids running around back garden
  • Parent teaching young child to ride a bike
  • Father and kids putting up a tent in their garden
  • Parent and child play on monkey bars in park
  • Three generations of family having a BBQ in back garden

($1500 each)

  • Parents and child roasting marshmallows on a bonfire
  • Two children playing with a kite in a park/field
  • Child hits pinata in back garden birthday party

($750 each)

  • Parent and child play on back yard child swing
  • Differently abled child playing soccer in back garden with father
  • Child and father playing in garden with large inflatable
  • Mother and child do gardening together in back garden

Please note that you will not be required to undertake any post-production. While some video scenarios may be composed of more than one shot, all editing and additional post will be undertaken by the agency.

Cast and Locations

Due to the budget we are expecting these to be shot within families and family homes but if you are able to cast within the fixed budget that would be fine. You can pitch for more than one of the shoots. You can shoot these clips wherever you are in the world but do bear in mind this is for a US market so content, cast and locations will need to look North American. We would love a diverse cast.

Creative Direction:

These clips will make up part of a suite of content for the campaign, so we will are looking for authenticity, dynamism and consistency within these vignettes and shooting style. It should feel warm, homely and authentic.

The shoots can be done handheld on camera phones or DSLRs.

In the downloadable attachment, you will see a mock-up of each scenario, showing framing, style and look/feel.

Do’s and Don’ts: 

  • Do film on any device you choose – it can be your smartphone or a professional camera (if you have one)
  • Do keep it quite short - don’t record or film more than 10 seconds
  • Please avoid showing any logos or brand names (e.g. T-shirts people are wearing) or other intellectual property
  • Don’t include any music (so turn off the stereo/radio, please).
  • Everyone in the video must be 13+ years old. Anyone under the age of 18 will require parental signature on releases.


  • Included in the listed budget should be any pre-production, including casting and location scouting, your shoot, talent (fees and usage).
  • You do not need to cover any VFX, SFX, mix, VO and music.
  • You will be responsible for any insurance coverage and permits for filming.
  • Any release forms should be signed and supplied along with the deliverables and project files.
  • All usage for talent should be included in your budget and will have to be online and social, worldwide, two years.
  • Once you submit your pitch and accept the Terms & Conditions this becomes the contract should you be selected. A follow-up production addendum will provide details on the deliverables, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Any endframe and fonts required will be done by the agency.
  • You will work within the public health and local governments laws to ensure scripts are executed in accordance with all COVID-19 by laws and advisories. You assume risk not underwritten should you act outside of the local laws.


Once the brief window closes, our creatives will review submissions and hold calls with selected directors and agency creatives to talk through the production and creative process before awarding.

Estimated timeline as follows:

Brief closes: Tuesday 20th April 2021 (23:59 PST)
Project awarded: Thursday 22nd April 2021
Proposed Shoot Window: 23rd – 28th April 2021
Delivery date: 5th May 2021 (clips and photos only - no post production)

Note this is a project with a particularly tight turnaround, so you should only pitch if you are certain you can make the dates and deliver to the deadlines.

Your proposal should consider the budget available as a fixed cost as you will be expected to deliver on your pitch. The fixed cost budget will need to cover all production elements including usage, talent, production and post-production to offline.

The brief closes on Tuesday 20th April 2021 (23:59 PST).

We cannot accept any submissions once the brief has closed.