Raid Masterbrand TVC


We’re looking for a top director and production company to shoot a hero TVC for Raid’s new global campaign…


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SCJ and Raid came to Flare Studio to create their new Masterbrand TVC that defined their mission for a future where everyone, in every community, in every corner, in every country is safe from pests, no matter their story. That protection against pests is a need for all, not a want.

To launch this new global brand platform, SCJ were looking to create a global TV/OLV to communicate this mission underpinned by the expertise behind the protection.

We put a brief out to the top tier of the platform looking for a production company that would be able to bring the script to life and deliver a film that looked truly Global. Unit 9 director Jonathan Pearson unstood the tone and the task perfectly and created the film below shooting in Malaysia and the UK (during the pandemic) with a great balance of creativity and sentiment. Adapting the film for various markets around the world in various languages.

Raid Masterbrand Protection For All 60" TVC (english)

SCJ Raid Masterbrand Universal Protection 30" TVCSCJ Raid Masterbrand Universal Protection 15" TVC